Staying Strong Throughout Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Is Your Employer Refusing To Pay You While You're Off For A Work Injury? What To Know

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If you were injured at work so badly that you are out of sick time and vacation time, and you are unable to return to your job but your employer is trying to force you, you need to get legal representation. If they are trying to deny you worker’s compensation as well, a lawyer should quickly look at your case. These cases can be detailed and controversial, so you want them to start working on the case immediately. Read More»

What It Means To File A Lawsuit

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When you take legal action against a driver that harmed you through their carelessness, you may need to go so far as to file a lawsuit. There are certainly less stringent solutions, such as a settlement offer, available in some cases. Unfortunately, not all accident victims can get the insurance company to cooperate and pay them the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Filing a lawsuit, like all legal matters, is a process and not a very mysterious one at all. Read More»

Motorcycle Accidents And Facial Disfigurement: There Are Unique Circumstances

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A motorcycle accident can lead to a number of disfiguring facial injuries. Not only are these injuries painful, but they often leave behind permanent reminders of the incident and may include long-term recovery plans. For these reasons, accident cases involving these injuries often have special circumstances.  Disfiguring Injuries In terms of the law, facial disfigurement is a limited category. Every injury to the face does not necessarily qualify for this classification. Read More»