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Motorcycle Accidents And Facial Disfigurement: There Are Unique Circumstances

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A motorcycle accident can lead to a number of disfiguring facial injuries. Not only are these injuries painful, but they often leave behind permanent reminders of the incident and may include long-term recovery plans. For these reasons, accident cases involving these injuries often have special circumstances. 

Disfiguring Injuries

In terms of the law, facial disfigurement is a limited category. Every injury to the face does not necessarily qualify for this classification. Typically, injuries that involve deep scarring or burns, road rash, a crushed jaw, or a broken nose qualify. Injuries to the eye are also included in this category, especially if they cause long-term vision problems. Dental injuries should also be included, such as injuries that involve the loss of a tooth.

Extensive Medical Procedures

A disfiguring injury will typically involve extensive medical procedures, including reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Depending on the injury, there might also be procedures involving prosthetics. All of these procedures are costly, generally, require significant recovery, and involve long-term follow-up treatment. For the victim, all these factors lead to high costs. As a result, it's essential that victims with these types of injuries have their injuries and treatment needs documented in detail to ensure their claim includes compensation for these costs.  

Psychological and Emotional Changes

Your face is the first thing other people see when they look at you, and the first thing you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. Any significant injury that changes the image that you see and that others see will have some level of effect on you psychologically and emotionally. These changes are valid and must be included in your claim for accident compensation. Psychological and emotional changes can alter a victim's ability to work, change their interactions with loved ones, and even open the door to other problems, liked depression. 

Lifestyle Modifications

Some disfiguring injuries also come along with the need for certain lifestyle modifications. For example, if a person lost an eye in the accident, they would have to make changes in order to live with the disease. These changes could include a loss of ability to drive, change of employment, and safety modifications around their home. All of these factors have a big impact on a person's life and also come with financial consequences. Any compensation claim for disfigurement should also include these costs. 

Speak with a motorcycle accident attorney, such as at Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers, if you have suffered from one of these injuries. An attorney will help you determine what type of compensation you can seek and assist you with the process.