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Why Your Car Accident Lawyer Insists You Should Start Your Insurance Claim As Soon As Possible

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As someone who diligently pays their monthly car insurance premium, you shouldn't hesitate to file an insurance claim when your vehicle sustains damage in a head-on collision. Whether the accident was the other driver's fault or both of you share liability, your insurer should cover all vehicle repairs.

To ensure you don't encounter any back and forth with the insurance company, you should engage a car accident lawyer to take care of the negotiations on your behalf. Keep reading to learn why your legal representative will encourage you to start your insurance claim as soon as possible.

1. Evidence Will Be Easy To Collect And Verify

Car accidents can be overwhelming and complicated, especially if you sustain physical injuries and vehicle damage. And in the confusion, you can be tempted to postpone the case as you sort through all the details. However, this would be the wrong approach because the longer it takes to start the process, the harder it will be to verify collected evidence. You're better off filing your compensation case when the accident is fresh in everyone's mind.

The sooner you file for compensation, the easier it will be to track down witnesses, take photographic evidence, and gather any other evidence that may be helpful in your case. However, if you wait too long before starting your insurance claim, the more likely it is that evidence will be lost or forgotten. A good example is that skid marks on the road may fade over time, making it difficult to determine how fast the other driver was going.

2. Information Will Be Fresh In The Minds Of Witnesses

Even though accidents are prominent events whose details are conspicuous and random, this doesn't mean that witnesses' memory won't fade with time. And since most head-on collision compensation cases' success heavily relies on the witnesses' testimonies, it's best to talk to them while they can still remember the finest details of the ordeal. Starting your insurance claim as soon as possible allows you to provide your lawyer with crucial details you would have otherwise forgotten had you delayed the process.

3. You Won't Miss Your Window To File For Compensation

If your head-on collision was severe, 24 hours might not be enough for you to recover from the shock. You might want to burrow in your house for weeks and avoid the legal process for as long as you can. However, time flies quite quickly, and you might just miss the time window for filing an insurance claim. So, instead of delaying the inevitable, you should heed your car accident lawyer's advice and allow them to pursue compensation on your behalf at their earliest convenience.

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