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Involved In An Auto Accident? 3 Situations To Discuss With An Attorney

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Being involved in an automobile accident does not always require the assistance of outside parties. When the accident is minor, fault is properly addressed, and all parties are in full agreement with the way the process is handled by both the insurance providers and the vehicle owners, it can be possible to reach an amicable solution.

Unfortunately, not all vehicle accidents are able to be resolved in this manner. This means that consulting an attorney becomes the most logical way to address the situation and work toward a positive outcome. If you have recently been involved in an automobile accident, here are three common situations that should always be discussed with a trusted auto accident attorney before settling your claim. 

Whenever there are injuries or fatalities

When the drivers or occupants of any car involved in an accident are injured or lose their lives, there can be serious legal and financial challenges for months or even years after the accident date. This is especially true when there are legal charges pending or when you have been assessed as being the at-fault driver. Consulting with an auto accident attorney as soon as possible after this type of accident will help you understand your options and be prepared for any legal or financial challenges that may result. 

When your financial or physical health is at stake

If being involved in an automobile accident has put the financial or physical health of yourself or a family member at stake, consulting with an auto accident attorney is a proactive step in resolving these issues. Leaving this type of accident outcome to be addressed by the insurance companies can risk premature settlement that robs you or your family of fair reimbursement for medical care needs, pain and suffering, loss of income and more. 

When property damage has occurred

An automobile accident that results in property damage should always be discussed with a vehicle accident attorney, even when no injuries or fatalities are involved. Property owners who experience damage to their land, structures, fences, or other property due to an automobile accident that you were involved may seek financial reimbursement for the damage, beyond what the insurance settlement is offering.

Discussing this type of situation with a competent auto accident attorney is your best option for avoiding a lengthy and expensive court battle. Instead, your attorney can help you find a way to settle this type of situation in a manner that is fair and acceptable to all parties.