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Were You Hit And Badly Injured By A Semi Taking A Wide Turn? Get Representation Fast

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Was your car demolished by a truck that took a turn too wide and now you're facing medical bills, immobility and more? There are several factors that could have led to the truck driver making the mistake and hitting your vehicle, like poor distance judgement, reckless driving, being over their driving hours and more.

It's your lawyer's job to get to the bottom of the problem, figure out why this accident happened, and get you the settlement that you need to move on with your future. Here are a few things you want to talk with your lawyer about quickly.


If this accident took place in the city limits or around an intersection, there is a chance it could be recorded. Ask your lawyer to look into the following places to get live footage of the accident:

  • Security feeds from local businesses
  • Bank ATM cash machines
  • Street light cameras and automatic ticket distributors
  • Vehicle black box data recorders

If you have any type of camera system in your vehicle that may have recorded the accident, bring it to the meeting. This would be some of the strongest evidence you could have for the case.

Injury Details

The details about your injury can greatly affect your case. The more severe your injury, and the more serious it is, the more likely you will be to win a settlement. You want to have the following details put into writing from a physician for your lawyer to go over:

  • Exact injury diagnosis
  • Injury treatments at the scene and for survival
  • Prolonged treatment that may be needed in the future
  • Long-term effects of the accident

Bring all your medical records to your appointment along with this statement from the physician so your lawyer can look at your bloodwork, x-rays, and the other details of your case.

Your lawyer will compile everything and then let you know what type of case you have, if you have enough evidence and the grounds to file a lawsuit, and if you could get a settlement. Many injury lawyers will work on a commission, so ask if you need to put down a deposit or if you can wait until you get a settlement to pay the lawyer for their work. If a truck hit you when you were at a light or stop sign, or because they weren't driving responsibly, they should take liability. 

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