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What To Do When A Snapchat Using Driver Caused Your Car Accident

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If someone caused your car accident because they were using the Snapchat app while driving, contact a personal injury attorney for help. Although makers of the app recommend that people don't use the app while driving, some individuals do. The users take pictures, or selfies, of themselves while driving, or they use the app's special filters to record their driving speeds. Both actions can keep drivers from paying attention to the road. Here's more information about Snapchat and what you can do to bring a case against the driver who caused your accident.

Why Is Snapchat Dangerous When Driving?

Snapchat is an electronic social media app that allows users, currently mostly teens and young adults, to take selfies or other pictures with their cell phones and send them to friends and family members. While the app itself isn't dangerous to use, it can be potentially dangerous if people use the app while driving. Sending the Snapchat images is similar to sending text messages, which usually take about 5 seconds to compose and send.

One of the problems with Snapchat is that it doesn't allow users to view a message for an unlimited amount of time. Once a message is opened, the image will disappear within a maximum of 10 seconds, forcing the driver to look at the phone before they miss it. Some drivers may also take their eyes from the road to search through their contacts for the recipients they wish to send their selfies to. The user is no longer focusing on their driving but on the app instead.

In order to bring a case against the distracted driver, it's important that you obtain legal counsel.

What Can You Do to Bring a Case Against the Other Driver?

One of the most important things you can do to bring a case against the other driver is contact a personal injury attorney. An attorney will generally request that you give a statement about your accident, such as when and how it occurred. It's important that you give as many details about the accident as you can, including details about the other driver. For instance, if you saw the other driver looking down at something or holding up their phone just before they struck your car, tell an attorney about it. 

If you can, make a small diary of the events before you see an attorney. You may remember the details better if you're in a calm environment like your home. Also, write down the medical care your received after the accident, such as the name of the hospital or emergency care center that treated you. Once you have these details, schedule a private consultation with a personal injury lawyer like Charlie Tucker P.A. right away.