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Injured In An Auto Accident During Work Hours While Performing Tasks Beyond Your Job Description? Hire A Lawyer

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Were you on the road for work and you were doing something that wasn't in your job description, or something that wasn't your responsibility and you go injured? If so, you have rights and you want to talk with a workers compensation lawyer that deals with injury claims.

The workers compensation lawyer will look at the type of injuries you have, how it affects your ability to perform your job, how much work you're going to miss, and who is all responsible for the accident to start compiling your case. Here are a few of the sources you may be able to use to get money after the accident.

Workers Compensation 

The injury would have never taken place if you weren't out and about doing things for your employer, so you should be compensated for the days that you can't work afterwards. The lawyer is going to request a specific amount of pay from the employer while you have to miss work, or for a set amount of time. Companies have commercial insurance for these types of injuries so they have the coverage to pay what you deserve.

Settlement from the Company

If your lawyer thinks you deserve more than just workers compensation, and that you deserve a settlement from your employer for putting you into a risky position where you were injured, your lawyer is going to approach them. They can agree to settle the amount privately and quietly, or you can take your case through the court system to see if a judge takes your side.

Insurance Claim

Was the other driver that hit you speeding, drinking alcohol, or just making poor driving decisions? If so, your lawyer may be able to work out a second settlement against the driver, and this will be paid by their insurance provider. Evidence from the accident and the police report will be needed to do this.

Injuries and accidents happen on the job every day, but if you were injured in an auto accident and you shouldn't have even been on the road because it wasn't your specific job responsibility, you want to get a lawyer to make sure you don't suffer financially. You already have to deal with the physical and mental burdens that the accident has caused, you shouldn't have to pay for the damages to your vehicle and all of the medical expenses on top of the other stress.