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3 Required Pieces Of Evidence For A Car Accident Case

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Before you go about collecting evidence for a car accident case, always make sure that everyone involved with the accident is safe and that they have received the proper help that they deserve from the on call hospital services. Afterwards, however, you should go about collecting evidence in order to help you prove liability in the case you wish to sue those responsible for the accident. This article will tell you a few pieces of required evidence that you will need in order to establish liability.

Documentation of Physical Injury

If the car accident in question did cause you physical pain, it's important to obtain documentation of your injuries from the hospital. A personal injury suit that revolves around a car accident can greatly benefit from this documentation. You will simply have to ask your physician or the hospital in question for a record of your stay after your hospital visit. This documentation will include a number of items that are relevant to your case, including diagnostic images, such as your x-ray scans and MRI results, as well as a documentation of your medical history heretofore the accident. If you are seeking to recoup medical expenses as part of the damages, it is also imperative that you keep documentation of the costs involved in your hospital stay.

Witnesses to the Crime

If you noticed any bystanders that witnessed the accident taking place, it is important that you receive that you jot down their contact information. Ask for their names, phone number, address, and email. Ask the people that witnessed the event what they saw take place. These witnesses can potentially bring their testament to court, which can prop up your prosecution.

Photographs of the Accident

Before the wreckage of the accident has been removed, and preferably as soon as you can, take photographs of the scene of the accident. Since many people have cameras built into their phones, this is a particularly easy task for most. There are a few key items that you should take pictures of. First and foremost, take photographs of the damage of the vehicle, even if you believe the damage in question is almost negligible. Secondly, take photographs of any skid marks or road abrasions that you see that you believe may have been caused by the case. Thirdly, take some wide angled shots that convey the entire scene of the accident.

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