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4 Tips For Handling A Deposition In A Trucking Accident Case

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After filing a lawsuit against a trucking company for an accident in which you were involved, you most likely will have to face a deposition. What you say during the deposition could have an impact on how well you fare in court. If you have a deposition scheduled, here are some tips to remember. 

Re-Read Your Statements

You need to review every statement that you have given to the insurance company, police, medical care providers, and others before the deposition. A deposition can take place months after the accident and it is easy to forget some of the details of the accident and your damages. 

If you find any inconsistencies in your statements, talk to your trucking accident lawyer. He or she can help you determine how to handle the questions that will undoubtedly be asked about the differences in your statements.

Know When to Stop Talking

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during your deposition is volunteer information that was not asked of you. By volunteering information, you could accidentally share information that could potentially hurt your case. 

When answering questions, stick to "yes" and "no" for the questions that are close-ended. For open-ended questions, think carefully about your answer before speaking. Consider carefully what is being asked of you and provide only the answer to that specific question. 

Never Guess

During the deposition, the trucking company or insurance provider's attorney might ask you to guess regarding the details of the case. For instance, the attorney could ask you to guess how fast the truck driver was going when he or she hit you. 

Never guess. When you offer speculation, you could be hurting your case. The attorney could use your own guesses to argue that the accident did not occur as you stated or that your injuries were not what you claimed. 

If you are asked to speculate, respectfully decline. Inform the attorney that you are not comfortable with offering a guess. 

Avoid Arguing With the Attorney

Your deposition could possibly be used in court against you. If you are argumentative, it can hurt your case. It is important that you maintain your composure throughout the course of the deposition. 

If you are uncomfortable with the way that the attorney is speaking to you, inform your truck accident attorney. He or she will be there to provide guidance and ensure that your rights are not being pushed to the side by the opposing counsel.