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Driving For Your Protection: Motorcycle Safety Tips To Avoid An Accident

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When you are riding a motorcycle, there are a number of precautions you can take to protect your safety. When you follow the rules of the road, any accident that occurs is more likely to be the fault of another driver. As you enjoy riding your motorcycle during the warm weather months, take heed and practice these safe driving tips.  

Check Your Lanes

While riding a motorcycle, you have a blind spot, just like when you are driving a car. Before you make a lane change, turn your head completely to the right and to the left, making sure that no other cars or motorcycles are in the way.

Make Your Turns Wide

When you are riding a motorcycle, it's both efficient and safe to make your turns wide. This means that if you are going to take a left turn, you should be on the right side of the lane as you begin. If you are going to take a right turn, you should be on the left side of the lane as you start. When you follow this strategy, you will have the best view possible as you make a turn.

Use Your Brakes Properly

When you use your brakes too fast, the momentum continues and you may find that the back of your bike begins to lift up. It's hard to learn how to use your brakes correctly, and you should practice by hard braking with the front brakes first. This gives you the ability to then lock the back brakes and pull the clutch right before your bike comes to a stop. Practice in an area with out traffic, preferably on a road similar to one you will be driving on most of the time.

Learn How to Corner

To avoid bike slides, you have to learn how to corner on your bike correctly. You don't want to drag pegs or pipes during a turn, as this will cause you to slide along the road. You can work on your bike's suspension by installing shocks and fork springs that are larger.

Take on Passengers with Caution

If you are new to driving a motorcycle, you need to be careful about taking on your first passenger. The added weight of a passenger on your bike can make turns more difficult. Let your passenger know some basic safety tips, like not dismounting the motorcycle until told to do so. Your passenger should remain neutral during turns, without trying to lean into them.

Understand Your Bike's Capabilities

While some riders will walk their bikes over difficult terrain, it's important to remember that your bike has a low center of gravity and is quite capable on many types of surfaces. Continue to ride as you know how, without dropping your feet trying to touch the ground when the terrain is rough.  

Protect Yourself

Some of the worst injuries when there has been a motorcycle accident are caused because the rider did not wear the proper protective equipment. Wear a helmet, leather clothing, heavy boots and gloves to protect your body.

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