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Dangerous Graduates: Did A Drunken Teen Driver Cause The Death Of Your Loved One?

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If your loved one succumbed to injuries caused by a drunk teen driver, contact a wrongful death attorney now. For many teens, high school graduation is the beginning of adulthood, college and other adventures. But some individuals take their new found freedom too far by drinking and driving. They may or may not understand the dangers of drinking while intoxicated until it's too late. Here are things to know about teen drinking and driving and what you can do to obtain compensation on the behalf of your loved one. 

How Dangerous Is Teen Drinking and Driving?

Although many teens spend grad night with their loved ones in the safety of their homes, some teens choose to binge drink and participate in drinking games. In most cases, the teens drink without the permission and presence of their parents or guardians. The teens may learn about the drinking games from social media and other online sites. After consuming large amounts of alcohol, some of the young people choose to drink and drive, which can be deadly for other drivers on the road.

Teen drinking causes a number of issues that affect the judgment, attitudes and health of young people. Some teens experience hallucinations, while others engage in risky behavior that endangers not only them, but everyone around them. The teens may also feel invincible and empowered when they drink. The teen who struck your loved one's car or truck may have experienced any one of the issues above.

What Can You Do to Obtain Compensation for Your Loved One?

Although it may appear simple to sue someone for drunk driving, it may not be as cut and dry as you may think. There are a number of steps an attorney must take to bring a case against the drunken driver. One of the most important things a lawyer might do is obtain police records of the accident in question, including any alcohol testing completed at the accident scene, jailhouse or hospital. The tests should reveal the blood-alcohol concentration, or BAC, of the at-fault driver.

If the driver's BAC was beyond the legal limit for your state, a wrongful death attorney can pursue a case against the person. The results may prove that the individual was too intoxicated to drive on the road safely, use sound judgment or make good decisions the day or night of the accident. If found guilty, the defendant may serve time in jail, as well as compensate you for your loss. However, an attorney can discuss the expected results of your case during a private consultation.

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